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As a collegiate athlete and with a few figure competitions under my belt, fitness has always been a passion of mine. Every year new strategies are developed to lose weight quick or to cheat the process but my philosophy remains the same: You must first change your mind in order to receive the health or body desired. It is a fairly simple concept, but the hardest to implement.
I have worked more than 9 years in a gym setting perfecting the art of personal training and building relationships with clients. Clients build a trust with me and, in turn, the information I provide them with they view as valuable. I have learned the importance of goal setting, implementing strategies and evaluation to increase performance. Having extensive hands on training has provided me the experience to provide my clients specific training according to their current health and mindset. After years of working in gyms, I decided to further my education on how and why the body works and went back to school at the University of Puget Sound to obtain my Bachelors in Exercise Science. I feel the schooling was necessary to build credibility of my knowledge about fitness, but I feel the true value lies within the years of experience of working with clients and building relationships with them.
After gaining 70 lbs with each of my three children and not having my body "bounce back", I now get to be my own client. Honestly, at first I was depressed because my body completely changed, but the truth is that clients will be able to relate more to me and vice versa because I can now say "I know what you are going through". The process of getting back into shape has been challenging but extremely valuable and I enjoy every minute of it. I have to now work for it rather than saying I have good genetics. I wouldn't change it for the world . I have my fair share of cheats and setbacks, but I'm honest about it and strive to do better next time to improve my results.
Overall the systems in the body are like puzzle prieces that need to be put together in order to receive the results desired. As your trainer it is my obligation for you to understand how each system works according to your body. The process of changing your mind in order to change your body can be challenging but is very rewarding. My objective as your trainer is to ensure your safety, guide you on the path of success, supply you with the knowledge, give you encouragement when it seems impossible, and most importantly HAVE FUN.

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     My name is Adam. I'm a certified personal trainer through ISSA and currently continuing my education in health and fitness. I've been in love with fitness since I was a kid and enjoy competing with myself in everything I do. On the Mt. Tahoma High School swim team, as a sprinter, swimming had been my passion . My senior year I began picking up weights to aid with my swimming potential and fell in love with building muscle and strength in mind and body.
   Through the ins and outs of working out, I have learned how to use energy efficiently to achieve the best results, as well as the best exercises to achieve personal goals. I learned it's one's own mind that is the biggest obstacle. Over the years I've learned how to overcome this obstacle and to press forward. 
     I've lived in Yelm my whole life. Washington is an awesome and beautiful state, I especially enjoy the mountains. I love hiking and climbing; the more challenging the better. Challenges are what keep me going in life. I always strive for progress and growth.
    There are many different strengths one can possess: physical strength, mental strength, emotional strength, strength in discipline, strength in self control, strength in your faith, strength in stability. How strong are you in these areas? How strong do you want to be? Throughout my life I've seen how each area plays a part in the things we want to accomplish or overcome. Life is not a cake walk, it will tear you down if you let it. How YOU choose to respond to these difficulties and challenges, determines how YOU will grow. 
     I had a lot of guidance in my life that I am extremely grateful for. Without that help I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today. Personal training gained my interest when I realized how much fun it was to work with people and help them reach their goals. Friends would reach out to me after seeing the progress I made, asking "how did you do it?", and "what keeps you motivated?". We began working out together and I taught them everything I could. They found that they loved going to the gym as much as I did and I found I enjoyed teaching, encouraging others and sharing in their victories.

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I’m Alex, I’m 32 years old and I grew up in Ransomville, New York. It’s a small farm community on Lake Ontario About 20 minutes north of Niagara Falls and 40 minutes North of Buffalo. The weather is beautiful 3 months out of the year. The other 9 months are either wind whipping, snowy, sub zero temperatures or ice cold rain. My mother, three brothers and I lived in an old farm house on a few acres with no neighbors on either side of us. Nothing but corn fields. We didn’t have much to do out there so we would get creative with out door activities.

I became interested in sports and joined the wrestling team in 7th grade. I was instantly in love with the physical and mental challenges involved. I learned self disciplined and how to push myself. I started going to the gym after school and reading as much as possible about exercise science and nutrition. I was playing multiple sports throughout school wrestling, football, lacrosse and Track. I developed a workout program that worked well for me, I was achieving my fitness goals. I also started to use the gym as an escape from the stressors in life. It had become a safe place for me.

At the age of 17 I started to train other students and athletes. It was and still is an absolute privilege to be able to help others achieve their fitness goals. When I was 19 years old I decided to make it official and take a Personal trainer certification course at Niagara county community college.

Since then I’ve never stopped learning. My training experience and research Over the years has given me a very practical understanding of personal training and how to better help my clients. Physical health is not always an easy topic. The struggle is real, However there is strength in numbers. Helping clients stay on track helps me stay on track. The relationship is key. On days the motivation isn’t there, I will be and I’ll help you find it. We climb toward our goals one day at a time.